Book groups are a great way to find new books and meet people with similar interests.

Join a book group

We host monthly book groups at Hawthorn and Kew, or you can join us for Book Chats at Balwyn. Boroondara Library Service staff will read and discuss thought-provoking books with a group of passionate and enthusiastic readers.

We also provide book kits to use in your own book group.

Resources for book groups

Book group kit

Our book group kit includes 10 thought-provoking titles selected by our librarians. It also includes discussion notes and reviews when available.

Borrow a kit

To borrow a book group kit, you must have a Boroondara Library Service membership card. If you have a library card, you can:

Conditions of borrowing a kit

  • You can borrow a book group kit for up to 42 days.
  • You can return kits to any library.
  • If an individual book is damaged or lost, you must pay the retail price of the item.

Books we recommend

Explore our recommended books for book groups on the following pages:

Most Wanted collection

You can find new release and popular titles for instant loan on our Most Wanted stands at each library branch. To find out how it works and what is available, visit our Borrow the Most Wanted books in the library new article. 

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