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When your event needs our approval

You must submit a booking request if your event is in any one of the following categories:

  • There will be 50 or more people (adults and children).
  • You are using a space on behalf of a group, organisation or business.
  • You are hiring a third-party vendor for things like children’s entertainment or food sales.
  • You are bringing infrastructure such as temporary structures or equipment.
  • The event is a wedding ceremony.

When deciding how much time you need for your event, you must include the time to set up and pack down the site.

Notice required

How much notice you need to give us depends on the event and number of people.

Event type Notice required
Events with less than 100 people and without additional infrastructure or third-party business vendors 5 full business days
Events with less than 100 people with additional infrastructure or third-party business vendors 2 weeks
Weddings 4 weeks
Events with 100 to 200 people 6 weeks
Events with more than 200 people 8 weeks 

Items and activities that are not permitted

Your event is not allowed to have:

  • animal farms, petting zoos or pony rides
  • reptile farms or live animal enclosures
  • jumping castles
  • amusement rides
  • portable barbecues of any kind
  • fog machines
  • vehicles or horse-drawn carriages
  • motorised vehicles or equipment
  • pegs or stakes to secure equipment in the ground.

Other permits and documentation you may need 

Activity When required More information

Marquees and other shade structures

The size and number of marquees you are applying to bring will determine if you need additional permits.

Marquees, temporary structures and equipment

Temporary structures

You need a temporary structures permit if you plan to bring structures such as seating stands, tents, stages, guard rails, lighting and stage rigging.

Larger structures will also require a permit from the Victorian Building Authority. 

Marquees, temporary structures and equipment

Hired infrastructure

Any hired infrastructure that you are bringing to your event will require a minimum of $20 million in public liability insurance.

Terms and conditions of hire

Vendors (food trucks, entertainment)

If you want to hire a third-party vendor for things like children’s entertainment or food sales, you must provide a copy of their public liability insurance.

Terms and conditions of hire


You need a busking permit if you are performing for money on Council-controlled land.

Busking permit

Filming and photography

You need a permit for any commercial and student filming and photography.

You should allow 4 weeks for us to approve and process your permit application.

Filming on Council land

Close Council-controlled land

You need a permit to close or occupy a Council road, footpath or car park as part of your booking.

Occupying a road or footpath 

Promotional activities

You need a promotional events permit for any promotional activities such as promoting a business or offering giveaways.

Promotional events permit


You need a fundraising permit for any fundraising activities. This includes community organisations and not-for-profits.

Apply for a fundraising permit

Documents needed for large events 

Events with more than 100 people may require extra documents and approvals including: 

  • event plans (including running schedules)
  • site plans
  • traffic management plans
  • resident notification letters
  • risk assessments and emergency management plans.

For a step-by-step guide on organising an event for more than 100 people including additional permissions you might need, use our Organise an event on Council land guide.

More information

For help organising your event, email [email protected] or call (03) 9278 4444.

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