Ashburton, Balwyn, Camberwell and Kew libraries have study rooms available to book free of charge.

Small groups can book our study rooms for up to 3 hours, up to 8 days in advance.

For large groups, you can book a meeting room (fees apply).

Book a study room

  1. Click the Book a study room button below and select a vacant slot.
  2. Enter your membership number and PIN or password.
    Your 14-digit membership number is under the barcode on your library card.
    Your 6-digit PIN is your date of birth in DDMMYY format.
  3. Click Place booking.

Book a study room

Local students can book rooms without a card by asking a staff member. Students are also welcome to find a spot in the library for some focused study.

    Study room with wall mounted screen, small desk and three chairs.
    Hallway with small study rooms on either side.

    Study rooms at Balwyn Library

    Please note: Bookings are not required to use library computers. You can come into any branch and login to a computer. Bookings can be made to secure a particular time if required. 

    Book a computer

    Members can book a computer to access the library catalogue, library account, browse the internet and use Microsoft programs such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

    The booking is free of charge.

      people sitting at computers in library

      Computers at Ashburton Library

      To book a computer online:

      1. Go to PC Bookings and enter your 14-digit membership number and PIN or password.
      2. Select the library branch where you would like to book at computer and click Log on.
      3. Select your booking duration. You can book up to 120 minutes per day.
        The computer type is PC. This cannot be changed.
      4. Select the date of your booking. You can book up to 8 days in advance.
      5. Select the time of your booking. Note that the last booking for the day finishes 15 minutes before the library closes.
      6. Click Reserve a Computer.
        The booking system allocates the next available computer at that branch, date and time.
        A screen appears showing you the time, date and location of the booking.
      7. Computer Name shows you the PC number you have been allocated.
      8. Click OK.
        The screen shows your next booking, along with previous bookings.

      If you are a visitor to Boroondara, our library staff can arrange a guest membership for you to book a computer. Guest memberships are valid for 7 days.

      Note: your booking will be cancelled if you're more than 10 minutes late.

      Book a computer

      Cancel a computer booking

      If you can't make your booking, remember to cancel your session so the computer is available for someone else.

      1. Go to PC Bookings and enter your membership number and PIN or password.
      2. Select the library branch where you made the booking and click Log on.
      3. Click the Your Details tab.
      4. Under the heading Pending Reservations, find your booking and click Cancel.
      5. Click OK when you see the message, ‘Are you sure you want to cancel this reservation?’
      6. Click OK when you see the message, ‘The reservation was successfully cancelled’.
      7. Click Log Off to finish the session or Make a Reservation to make another computer booking.

      Print from a computer

      Printing is available from our library computers for a fee.

      View fees and charges.

      Free Wi-Fi at the library

      Use your library membership to access free Wi-Fi on your laptop, tablet or mobile.

      To access the service, you'll need your membership number and PIN or password.

      Other services for students

      We offer a range of books, journals, reference databases and magazines to help students with their study and assignments.

      Extra study spaces are available in the library during exam periods.

      Most of our resources are available online with member login, so students don’t need to visit the library to use them.

      Students are welcome to find a spot in the library for some focused study. Staff are always happy to show you how library resources can assist with your study and research.

      View our library collections.

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