You can see the full program of events on our Make, Mend, Do page.

‘Make, Mend, Do: Crafting a circular economy’ will begin in October. This series of craft-inspired events and activities will help community members learn how to integrate circular-economy practices into daily life and shine a light on our consumption habits.

About the program

‘Make, Mend, Do’ will give you lots of opportunities to learn about mending and upcycling as well as hands-on experience adopting sustainable craft practices. 
The program will include:

  • workshops and activities with craft-inspired events for all skill levels
  • a community clothes swap 
  • the opportunity to learn about creating an environmentally friendly wardrobe
  • an exhibition displaying a community artwork made from donated clothing and textiles — learn more on our Universally Repaired page
  • a documentary screening with guest speaker 
  • information about sustainable crafting practices
  • panel discussions.

Crafting a circular economy

‘Make, Mend, Do’ focuses on crafting a circular economy. Through a circular economy we stop waste being produced, in contrast to a linear economy which involves a ‘take-make-dispose’ approach to materials through key actions such as:

  • refusing — saying no to waste-producing items, such as single-use plastics
  • reusing — this is one of the easiest ways to contribute to a circular economy 
  • repairing — instead of buying a new replacement item
  • shopping for second-hand items — buying pre-loved clothes and items either from retail stores, markets or verified online market platforms.

A circular economy is one of the key themes in our Climate Action Plan. Adapting our approach to managing materials like clothing and textiles will also help reach the ‘community targets’ outlined in our Climate Action Plan. Find out more on our Climate Action Plan page.