Boroondara Remembers: Honouring Victoria Cross recipients

The ‘Boroondara Remembers: Honouring Victoria Cross recipients’ resource is designed to engage years 9 and 10 students in a classroom setting to learn more about the Victorian Cross (VC) Award program. 
The resource explores the methods used in wartime journalism to narrate tales of courage among servicemen and highlights the indispensable role of medical services in times of conflict.

The resource aligns with Victorian Curriculum. The topics cover:

  • Level 9 English
    Language / Language for interaction (VCELA428
  • Levels 9 and 10 Visual Arts 
    Explore and Express Ideas (VCAVAE040
  • Levels 9 and 10, History 
    Historical Knowledge, The Modern World and Australia. Australia at war (1914 – 1945): World War I (VCHHK142).

About the Victoria Cross

The Victoria Cross is the highest award for service men and women to honour acts of bravery during wartime. It was created in 1856 by Queen Victoria and has been honouring service people since 1854. Any serving member of any armed forces worldwide can receive this award.

Three members of the Boroondara community have received the Victoria Cross honour for their valiant efforts in the Boer War and World War I. They are: 

  • James Rogers (1873 - 1961, Boer War) 
  • Maurice Vincent Buckley (1891 - 1921, WWI)
  • Clifford William King Sadlier (1892-1964, WWI).

Image: Stretcher bearers World War I, by H. Septimus Power, Australian War Memorial.

How to use this resource

Download the ‘Boroondara Remembers: Honouring Victoria Cross recipients’ resource and use the questions to prompt discussion amongst your class.

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