'Letters to my future self' education resource

About the education resource 

The ‘Letters to My Future Self’ education resource provides students with an opportunity to:

  • express and develop world views
  • understand and appreciate the need for collaboration within and between communities
  • implement more sustainable patterns of living.

In this learning area, students will use the exploratory and creative platform of the Arts, to advocate for effective action on sustainability. 

This education resource is aimed at Levels 3/4 and 5/6, with direct links to the Victorian Curriculum Levels 5/6 (Science, Capabilities and Technologies). 

The Victorian Curriculum content this education resource links to is available on the Victorian Curriculum and Assembly Authority website:

How to use this resource

Download the ‘Letters to My Future Self’ resource from the downloads section on this page and provide the document to participants. Participants can then watch the ‘Letters to My Future Self’ introduction video below, and begin following the activities outlined in the resource.

Concept and artwork developed by Miranda Sims from The Zingy Studio.

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