‘The Memory Palace: Cyrus Tang’ education resource

About the education resource

The ‘The Memory Palace: Cyrus Tang’ learning resource is aimed at supporting students and teachers to engage in discussion and activities responding to the concept of memory, culture, and the immigrant experience.   

This resource includes:

  • preparation for teachers
  • learning about Storytelling and the Victorian Curriculum   
  • curriculum Links: Levels 3 to 6 Learning Areas and Capabilities 
  • discussion points and activities relating to some of the featured artworks.

This education resource is aimed at Levels 3/4 and 5/6.  The Victorian Curriculum content this education resource links to:

  • visual arts
  • English (speaking and listening)
  • critical and creative thinking, and
  • intercultural capability.

How to use this resource

Download the ‘The Memory Palace: Cyrus Tang’ resource and use the questions to prompt discussion amongst your class.

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