'Above the Canopy' education resource

About the education resource 

The ‘Above the Canopy’ learning guide is aimed at supporting students and teachers to engage in discussion and activities responding to the theme of sustainability. 

This resource includes:

  • Preparation for teachers
  • Learning about Sustainability and the Victorian Curriculum   
  • Curriculum Links: Levels 3 to 6 Learning Areas and Capabilities 
  • Discussion points and activities relating to some of the featured artists and artworks.

This education resource is aimed at Levels 3/4 and 5/6.  The Victorian Curriculum content this education resource links to:

  • Science and Geography 
  • Visual Arts and English, and
  • Critical and Creative Thinking.

How to use this resource

Download the ‘Above the Canopy’ resource from the downloads section on this page, and use the questions to prompt discussion amongst your class. 

View the Above the Canopy exhibition

Visit our Above the Canopy page to see the ‘Above the Canopy’ exhibition photography, catalogue, and an interview with the artist Michael McHugh.

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