Library reopening 29 May 2020

Our libraries are reopening

It’s free to join the library and borrow items from our collections. However, to enable us to make our services available to everyone, fees, fines and charges apply to some service

Overdue fines

Item Fine
Junior or teenage items (grace period of 21 days for junior items before fine is applied) 10c per day
Adult items 30c per day
Debt collection charge (in addition to outstanding fines) $15.50

We suspend your borrowing rights if:

  • you have an item more than 21 days overdue
  • you have overdue fines of $30 or more, or
  • your outstanding fines are $50 or more.

If your outstanding fines add up to $50 or more, they are passed on to a debt collection agency.

To avoid fines, you can set up email notifications to be alerted before your items are due.

Replacement fees for lost or damaged items

Item Replacement fee
Lost membership card $6.15
Damaged disc $11.80
Damaged disc covers $6.00

For all other items lost or irretrievably damaged, we charge the retail cost.

Photocopying and printing

You can print your documents or pages from the internet at any of our libraries.

Size and colour Charge per copy
A4 black and white 20c
A4 colour (photocopying only) $1.60
A3 black and white 40c
A3 colour (photocopying only) $2.60

Other fees and charges

For meeting room booking fees, visit Book a meeting room.

For inter-library loan charges, see Reserve and request.

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