Our Youth Services team have updated our Starting School book list for 2020, with some great new titles for kids and some for parents of children starting school.

Every 'starting school worry' for new primary school students is covered in the list below. Share these books with your child to set the scene for their big first day and to help discuss any questions and concerns they may have.

Stories about starting school

Bring some humour to the starting school experience with The pigeon has to go to school! or We don’t eat our classmates. Try well-loved classics such as I am too absolutely small for schoolCurious George’s first day of school and Wombat goes to school.

Celebrate teachers with Teachers rock! and learn about making new friends with Hello, my name is Tiger or First day. For younger children, try Pete the Kitty’s first day of preschool or George’s first day at playgroup.

Books for parents and carers of school children

This year, our Starting School booklist includes some fantastic books for parents. Try the suggestions below or browse the shelves for numbers 370-372 for 'education'. Alternatively, use the advanced search tool in the catalogue to search for subject, 'education - parent participation'.

If you have a specific issue you want more information about, please stop in and speak to our librarians who can help you find the right titles for your needs.

'Special times, special needs’ series

This is one of our ‘Special times, special needs’ booklists, put together by our Youth Services librarians to help parents and carers support their children through difficult times.

Sharing stories is a great way to explore challenging issues with children. Using gentle, age-appropriate picture books can help start conversations, encourage questions, reassure children that others have faced the same problems or give them a preview into an upcoming situation they may be worried about.

Books to share with children

Books for parents

More recommended reading

To view booklists on a variety of subjects, visit Booklists from our librarians.