Calling all early risers, morning motivators, lunchtime readers, after-work relaxers, and bedtime snugglers – include reading into your daily routine with the Warm Winter Read. Create healthy reading habits this winter by tracking your progress online via Beanstack, or by collecting a paper tracker from your local library. 

Start a book from your 'to be read' pile, finish that book you put down months ago, or find something new while browsing the library shelves.

You can find many titles recommended by our library staff on our Booklists page, or drop into your local library and ask staff to help you find your next favourite read.

To participate

Log each day you spend time reading, between Wednesday 1 June to Sunday 31 July, on the Beanstack Tracker app, via the Beanstack website-external site. Or you can pick up a Warm Winter Read postcard in your local library.