Everyone knows the library is the place to be if you have a love of reading. But did you know we offer much more than just printed books?

Your library membership gives you access to fiction and non-fiction eBooks and audiobooks for the whole family that you can download onto your device. Handy for bookworms going on holiday!

Access eBooks and audio books

If you’re faced with a project or assignment at school or uni, or conducting research on a wide range of topics, your library membership gives you access to an extensive collection of journals, databases and encyclopaedias.

Access journals and databases

Not sure what to read next? If you’re looking for inspiration, check out our online resources including the Australian Book Review. You can also search for authors who write like your favourites to discover more writers to love.

Access book reviews and recommendations

Our libraries hold daily and periodical newspapers and magazines but you can access hundreds of local, global and historical items through our online collections with your membership.

Access newspapers and magazines

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