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Our DVD collection includes everything from classic movies to current documentaries.

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Your library membership gives you free online access to more than 400 independent documentaries, feature films and festival favourites through Beamafilm, a major Australian movie streaming channel for true stories and independent voices.

Films can be streamed through most devices including phones, tablets, laptops and PCs.

You can also view on your television screen using the browser on your smart TV or by connecting your television to your computer or device via Apple TV, HDMI cable, or Chromecast.

See Beamafilm Help for more information.

Log into Beamafilm using your library membership

  1. Go to Beamafilm.
  2. Enter your membership number - the 14-digit barcode number (no spaces) from the back of your library card.
  3. Log in with your Beamafilm account. Please note that first-time users will need to create a free Beamafilm account.
  4. Search or browse for a film and start watching.
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