Before you begin

Membership number and PIN

You'll need your membership number and PIN to access eBooks and audio books on any device.

Your 14-digit membership number is under the barcode on your library card.

Your 6-digit PIN is your date of birth in DDMMYY format.

Join the library

If you're not a member, you can the join the library online. See Membership.

Access eBooks and audio books

Search for an eBook or audio book in the library catalogue, or start exploring one of the platforms below.

Our eBooks and audio books can be accessed on a phone, tablet, PC or laptop.

Our eBooks can be read on most e-readers.

See the individual platforms for more information on how to access the books.

Download an ebook to your laptop or PC

  1. Install Adobe Digital Editions onto your computer.
  2. Create an Adobe ID.
  3. Open Adobe Digital Editions and click Help, Authorize computer. Select Adobe ID from the drop-down menu and enter your Adobe ID and password.
  4. Go to the login page for the collection (OverDrive or BorrowBox) and log in using your membership number and PIN.
  5. Follow the online prompts to download and open the eBook file.

Transfer an eBook to an e-reader

  1. Download the eBook to your computer.
  2. Attach the e-reader to the computer.
  3. Once the device name appears in the list on the left side of Adobe Digital Editions, drag the eBook onto the e-reader.
  4. Disconnect the e-reader and start reading.

Library eBooks and audio books are not compatible with Kindle devices.

Returning or renewing eBooks

If you borrow an eBook, you'll receive an email reminder before the end of your loan period.

Follow the instructions in the email to return or renew your items, or allow your access to automatically expire at the end of the loan.

eBook and audio book platforms

Overdrive collection

Boroondara Library Service members can access approximately 20,000 titles in Overdrive. The Libby app provides mobile access to the collection.

Access Overdrive ebooks and audio books on a phone or tablet

  1. Go to Libby by Overdrive and download the Libby app to your device.
  2. Tap Yes to confirm you have a library membership. Then select I'll search for a library.
  3. Search for Boroondara Library Service and log in with your library membership number and PIN.

For more information, visit the Libby help page.

Listen to OverDrive audio books on a laptop or PC

  1. Go to OverDrive and sign in using your membership number and PIN.
  2. Select a title, click Borrow, choose the loan period and then click Borrow again.
  3. Select Listen now in browser.

For more information, visit the Overdrive help page.

Logo for Overdrive

Bolinda BorrowBox collection

Bolinda BorrowBox provides a range of eBooks and audio books for adults, teens and children.

Access BorrowBox eBooks and audio books on a phone or tablet

  1. Download the BorrowBox app.
  2. Search for Boroondara Library Service and log in using your membership number and PIN.

Listen to BorrowBox audio books on a laptop or PC

  1. Go to Bolinda BorrowBox and sign in using your membership number and PIN.
  2. Search for a title and click Borrow. Then confirm the audio book loan.
  3. Click Open when asked if you want to open or save the zip file.

For more information, visit the Bolinda help page.

Logo for Borrow Box

Story Box Library

Story Box Library features Australian stories read by some of Australia's finest storytellers in video format. The stories are recommended for children aged 3 to 12 years.

Play Story Box videos on a phone, tablet or laptop

  1. Go to Story Box Library and log in using your library membership number.
  2. Browse the collection to find a video to play.
Logo for Story Box Library
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