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Letters to my future self is an education resource that lets students use the exploratory and creative platform of the Arts, to advocate for effective action on sustainability.

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Hi there. This is Thinker. 

Thinker has a great mind just like you, and they would like to know if you've thought about just how much plastic we use each day. 

It's a lot, and we still have so much hard rubbish, even though we have made great steps to reduce our consumption. 

In particular, of single-use plastic products like shopping bags water bottles takeaway containers and lunch wrappers.

There's still so much more we could do, and what we need to think about now is how we will act in the future.

So, you know there will be lots of great things you can do when you turn 18, like getting your driver's license, travelling with friends, going to university and work; but also you'll be able to vote.

Most importantly we want you to think about the future of our planet and how you want it to look by the time you're 18 years old.

There are things that you can do now, but there's a lot more you can do when you turn 18.

You're going to complete some fun activities now that will help you to open your mind up to all the new possibilities, and you're actually going to finish up by writing a letter to yourself.

You'll share your hopes and dreams and new designs for the future, and it will sit in a paper-based satchel that you're going to make yourself out of recycled materials.

And you'll keep this time capsule for you to look at when you're an adult. So, what will you do?