About the Community Exhibitions Program

The Town Hall Gallery Community Exhibitions Program provides access to a professional exhibition space for artists, community groups and schools from the municipality to exhibit work for free. Selected through an annual competitive application process, these exhibitions proudly showcase the diversity and depth of creative talent in the municipality. Each exhibition lasts approximately 4 to 6 weeks, with up to 12 exhibitions scheduled per year.

Over the last 10 years, the Community Exhibitions Program has exhibited over 1,900 artworks produced by more than 450 artists. It receives over 1,000 attendees annually to exhibition openings and averages over 800 visits to each individual exhibition. The Community Exhibitions program has helped facilitate over $85,000 of art sales directly back to local artists of Boroondara. Through this program, we are pleased to have also facilitated donations of over $5,000 to local charities and other charitable organisations, thanks to the generosity of artists.

      Apply and important dates

      This application round is for exhibitions taking place in 2022.

      Date Stage
      9am Monday 10 May 2021 Applications open
      5:30pm to 6:30pm, Monday 31 May 2021 Online information session
      11:59pm Sunday 20 June 2021 Applications close
      Monday 9 August 2021 Applicants notified of outcomes in writing

      The application form is available to preview before applications open.

      Start your application via Smarty Grants

      Information session

      We recommend attending the Online information session before submitting your application. You will have the opportunity to learn more about the application process and what to expect if your application is successful. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions directly to the curators.

      Application eligibility

      To be eligible for our Community Exhibitions Program, applicants must meet at least one of the following criteria:

      • An emerging artist living in, or with a studio in Boroondara
      • A practising artist not represented by a commercial gallery living in, or with a studio in Boroondara
      • Students at a school or institution located within the City of Boroondara
      • A school, university or TAFE group based in Boroondara
      • An historical group from Boroondara
      • An arts organisation or arts community group based in Boroondara

      Artists or groups in the Community Exhibitions Program cannot exhibit two consecutive years in a row.

      Applicants who are First Nations, culturally diverse, LGBTQIA+, and members of the disability and deaf community are encouraged to apply. For information about the accessibility of our venues, visit Venue accessibility.

      Eligible applicants must complete an online application accessed through the Smarty Grants portal.

      If you require a hard copy application form or other assistance to complete your application, please contact the Curatorial Team by email to [email protected] or call 03 9278 4770.

      Selection criteria

      Applications will be assessed by the Curatorial Team against the following set of criteria:

      • Connection to community
      • Clarity of theme or concept of the exhibition or project
      • Appropriateness of the exhibition or project to the space and available resources
      • Innovation, excellence or diversity represented in artistic practice
      • Quality of documentation provided.

      Exhibition guidelines

      • Applicants must meet the eligibility criteria outlined.
      • All works must be ready to hang or display with hanging mechanisms or object mounts as appropriate.
      • Works must be able to be displayed on the wall. A limited number of three-dimensional works may be displayed on the gallery’s plinths or in museum cabinets (subject to availability), to be discussed with and approved by the Curatorial Team.
      • Works may be displayed using the gallery’s TV screens (limited number and subject to availability), to be discussed with and approved by the Curatorial Team. 
      • Exhibitors must provide the Curatorial Team with a list of works (title, materials and dimensions) and high resolution images four weeks prior to the exhibition.
      • For solo artist applicants, the Curatorial Team may suggest that your works be shown alongside other solo artists in a group exhibition or themed group exhibition curated by the Curatorial Team. This may be a condition of the acceptance of your application. You can indicate if you are willing to be considered for a group exhibition in the online application.
      • The Curatorial Team have the right to omit works deemed inappropriate, unsafe or unfinished.
      • Curation of the exhibition will be through collaboration between the Town Hall Gallery Curatorial Team and the artist or collective. The Town Hall Gallery Curatorial Team reserves the right to make final decisions determining the exhibition, exhibition dates and installation of works.
      • All exhibitions are installed by the Curatorial Team.
      • Applicants must agree to criteria outlined in the Artwork Loan Agreement provided upon an official offer to exhibit.
      • In the event that the Town Hall Gallery must close due to public health directions, Community Exhibitions that are impacted will not be rescheduled and will continue to be presented as an online exhibition on the Boroondara Arts website.

      Community Exhibitions Program themes

      Individual and group applicants can propose an exhibition with any theme or subject.

      Individual applicants can also choose to apply as part of a themed group exhibition. An exhibition about one or all of these themes will be decided by the Curatorial Team, depending upon the applications received.

      Migrant experience

      What were your expectations, fears and challenges in migrating to Australia?

      Create a work or works that share your experience of making a new home in Boroondara. 

      Respond to a work in the Town Hall Gallery Collection

      Create a work or works that are your own unique response to an item from the Town Hall Gallery Collection.

      Extreme vantage

      Explore the aesthetic potential of extreme sightlines.

      Create a work or works that use any medium to capture different viewpoints such as aerial perspective, bird’s eye view, worm’s eye view, oblique, tilt, close up or long shot.

      Floor plan

      The Community Exhibitions Program is curated across two gallery spaces, Gallery 4 and the Centre Foyer. The Curatorial Team will allocate exhibitions that are most suitable for each space and provide the best alignment with the Boroondara Arts program.

      Gallery 4 has approximately 30 metres of hanging space. The Centre Foyer has approximately 11 metres of hanging space.

      Artwork sales

      By agreement with the applicant, works exhibited through the Community Exhibitions Program may be made available for sale through the Boroondara Arts online shop.

      We will facilitate the sale of works and take 15% commission on all works sold. Artworks exceeding a retail price of $1,500 including GST and commission will be listed on the room sheet as ‘Price on Application’. The Curatorial Team will liaise with buyers to assist with collection of purchased works. 


      Images of the artworks within the exhibition or project will be used to promote the exhibition or project, and the activities of the Town Hall Gallery, Boroondara Arts, and the City of Boroondara. 

      Successful applicants must give a non-exclusive copyright licence to reproduce works from the exhibition or project for marketing and promotional purposes online via our website, online exhibition, online shop, social media pages, and e-news, and in print via flyers, brochures, programs, room sheet, annual report and other uses that are not for sale.

      More information

      For more information about the Community Exhibition Program, email [email protected] or call 9278 4770.

      Visit our online exhibitions to see past community exhibitions.

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