Kylie Stillman’s artistic career spans a remarkable 20 years. In her first solo exhibition at Town Hall Gallery, the artist presents highlights from her existing practice alongside new sculptural works.

Drawing on the sewing and garment construction skills she learnt at a young age, Stillman’s practice explores what it means to show three-dimensional forms on a two-dimensional plane. Making use of overlooked and discarded objects, Stillman presents everyday materials such as sheets of plywood, aluminium window furnishings, furniture and books, reworking them by hand to prompt new interpretations and meaning.

At the heart of Not fully or properly either of two things is a consideration of the nature of things and how we construct and articulate the world around us.

Not fully or properly either of two things is a solo exhibition by artist Kylie Stillman on display at Town Hall Gallery Saturday 11 July to Sunday 31 August 2020.

Installation photography by Christian Capurro.

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