'The Memory Palace: Cyrus Tang' – online exhibition

Over the past 20 years, Tang has examined sentiments of nostalgia within memory and fantasy, fascinated by the paradox of reconstructing ephemeral mental images and sensations in permanent materials. She has explored ruins and decay of houses and cities, and of human bodies, while referencing current environmental and man-made catastrophes.

Working fluidly across sculpture, photography, video and installation, the artist has a distinctive style that embraces the materiality of her media. While her photographs and video works are presented in post-production digital format, the visual effects Tang employs are analogue, often the result of labour-intensive procedures in the studio or the field.

Tang’s work documents her chosen media going through a transformation, a convergence of past and present. The result is hauntingly beautiful works that often memorialise collective experiences.

Image credit: Cyrus Tang, ‘Lacrimae Rerum - 4505.00s’, 2016, archival pigment print, 100 x 100cm, image courtesy of the artist and ARC ONE Gallery.

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