Above the Canopy – online exhibition

‘Above the Canopy’ is a major exhibition at Town Hall Gallery celebrating the rich and diverse beauty of the Australian natural environment.

Nature has provided an infinite source of inspiration for visual artists across millennia; they have captured its beauty, documented the impacts of changing weather patterns, and commented on unsustainable human practices. This exhibition conveys the unimaginable grandeur of nature while exploring concerns for climate action and the need to protect the planet for future generations.

Through hyperreal images of lush and verdant forests alongside detailed studies of insects, botany, birds and geology, ‘Above the Canopy’ shows a deep appreciation for our majestic and awe-inspiring world. Featuring artists working with installation, photography, painting, animation and textiles, this exhibition creates a theatrical, immersive and regenerative experience that acknowledges the significance of Country and our need to care for it.

Featuring: Sarah Hendy, Janet Laurence, Michael McHugh, Rebecca Mayo, Catherine Nelson, Grant Stevens and Judy Watson.

Image credit: Catherine Nelson, ‘Gully’, 2014, pigment print, edition of 3, 150 x 188cm, image courtesy of the artist and Gallerysmith, Melbourne.

Exhibition photography

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