Arts news

Find out about arts and culture initiatives in the Boroondara community.

  1. 01

    Local artist Donald Bate draws from Community to name artwork

    This community exhibition features vibrant paintings inspired by the beauty of the Australian landscape and its myriad forms.
  2. 02

    Major exhibition ‘Expanded Canvas’ opens at Town Hall Gallery

    The Town Hall Gallery’s new major exhibition explores the dynamic and innovative nature of contemporary painting.
  3. 03

    Award-winning book Annie’s War relaunches this ANZAC Day

    To commemorate ANZAC Day in 2022, we are relaunching the award-wining children’s book and education resource, Annie’s War  written by Lucy Bracey and illustrated by Gregory Mackay.
  4. 04

    Dogs Day mural celebrates mans best friend!

    A mural that is a bold, playful celebration of the charisma, energy, and beauty of dogs.
  5. 05

    Summer in the Park wraps up for 2022

    Thank you to everyone who attended Summer in the Park throughout February and March 2022.
  6. 06

    Art in lockdown - ‘Line in Motion’

    Local dancer and artist Adrina created an elegant and simple piece of choreography involving movement and music to explore the human perspective.
  7. 07

    Immerse in the arts with APOMAWISH at Hawthorn Arts Centre

    Community members have crafted pompoms paired with heartfelt wishes for the future to contribute to the installation.
  8. 08

    For Shani Alexander, art comes home to Hawthorn

    Creativity is life for Shani Alexander, and although her journey to becoming an artist wasn’t straightforward, every twist and turn has been a vital step towards forming her flourishing art practice and painting programs.
  9. 09

    Re-imagining the Renaissance

    ‘Renaissance Goes Surreal’ is a new exhibition of fantastical large-scale digital prints created by Boroondara artist John Ashcroft.
  10. 10

    Capturing the romanticism of adventure

    Artist John Romeo chats about adventure, beauty and the creative process.