‘Romancing the Streetscape’ is a group exhibition celebrating the streetscapes and buildings of the great city of Melbourne.

With a mastery of paint, the featured artists slip between direct observation and imagination, revealing their unique perspectives of urban existence and our shared experiences of place within this community. Highly realistic and evocative images of inner-city scenes reflect the romanticism often associated with traditional landscape painting.

The resulting portrait of Melbourne is both endearing and surprising, encouraging audiences to appreciate the metropolis around us and the overlooked in the everyday.

Featuring: Rick Amor, William Breen, Andrew Browne, Mark Chu, Robert Clinch, Cathy Drummond and Dani McKenzie.

Image credit: William Breen, ‘Wet Paint’, 2020, gouache on paper, 47 x 70cm, image courtesy of the artist and Flinders Lane Gallery.

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