'When a Moment Becomes a Memory’ – online exhibition

‘When a Moment Becomes a Memory’ by Sarah Saaroni and Hung Lin is a community exhibition featuring artworks inspired by lived experience of the Holocaust and personal memories of a vanished world. Captured within the raw details of Saaroni’s sculptures is the significance of survival under extraordinary circumstances, and how it has informed the life and expression of the artist.

Sarah Saaroni OAM is a Holocaust survivor who fell in love with art when she was a refugee in post-war Europe and taught herself to sculpt at 55 years old. Now 97, Saaroni spent much of her adolescence in hiding and escaping Nazi soldiers. Many of her art pieces are inspired by her own childhood experiences.

The exhibition also features supporting illustrations by Hung Lin, who, like Saaroni, came to Australia as a migrant. Inspired by Saaroni’s firsthand account of her life’s events and extensive research into her past, Lin’s highly emotive compositions explore themes of adversity, hope, and the strength of the human spirit.

Inspired by the Dr Seuss quote 'Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory', this exhibition honours the strength and resilience of women and intergenerational migrant experiences.

Many of the artworks in this exhibition are for sale. You can buy an artwork at the Boroondara Arts shop website.

Image credit: Sarah Saaroni, ‘The Orchestra’, 1984, fired, unglazed terracotta, dimensions variable, Town Hall Gallery Collection, image courtesy of the artist.

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