Light Sensitive – online exhibition

‘Light Sensitive’ is a major exhibition at Town Hall Gallery showcasing the narrative potential of light and its innovative application in art.

Drawing on the symbolic, conceptual, and functional qualities of the medium, the featured artists have a sensitivity to light in various forms, from natural to neon. In this exhibition artists share their personal stories, heritage, or responses to place through a sophisticated blending of artistry and science.

‘Light Sensitive’ offers an immersive and contemplative experience celebrating the medium of light in its many incarnations, including photography, installation, and projection.

‘Light Sensitive’ is on at Town Hall Gallery from Wednesday 26 April to Saturday 15 July 2023.

Featuring: Leslie Eastman, Kinly Grey, Taree Mackenzie, Jazz Money, Sanja Pahoki and Meagan Streader.

Image credit: Taree Mackenzie, ‘Pepper’s ghost, triangles, cyan and red’, 2018, installation view, Neon Parc, 2018, image courtesy of the artist. Photograph by Christo Crocker.

Exhibition photography

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