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‘Healing’ is a community exhibition featuring 4 artists who explore the human psyche and how artmaking can benefit physical disabilities and mental health.

Beginning her two-decade-long love of art as a therapeutic exercise, Sarah Grieves paints food and domestic settings from the perspective of growing up Australian-born Chinese. Lesley O’Gorman’s mixed media practice examines how human attachment to personal objects can alleviate the negative impacts of migration, separation, and loss. After a forty-year career illustrating and adapting to life as an older artist, Jane Tanner depicts the essence and beauty of wild creatures in urban streetscapes. Elizabeth Whyte explores how practising art can allow people to heal and bring joy to others through bright, expressive paintings created while in a meditative state.

The artists featured in ‘Healing’ delve into the concept of recovery within their art practice, evoking a sense of transformation, growth, and restoration.

Featuring: Sarah Grieves, Lesley O’Gorman, Jane Tanner and Elizabeth Whyte.

Many of the artworks in this exhibition are for sale. You can buy an artwork on the Boroondara Arts shop website.

Image credit: Sarah Grieves, ‘Afternoon Tea at Rye’, 2022, acrylic on canvas, 47 x 37cm, image courtesy of the artist.

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