‘Banana’ by Vanessa Bong – online exhibition

‘Banana’ by Vanessa Bong is a community exhibition exploring what it means to be Asian Australian. Employing gouache, watercolour, and digital techniques in her mix-media practice, Bong’s artworks explore her identity and the complexity that comes from it.

Using iconography present in Asian and Australian society, Bong highlights the impact of history and present-day media in forming cultural identity. Amid unrelenting racial discrimination, felt particularly during the pandemic, this exhibition emphasises celebration and pride. ‘Banana’ focuses on themes of food, family, displacement, and belonging whilst drawing on personal experiences that reflect how Bong’s heritage blended with her upbringing.

Bong hopes that by exploring her personal experience of being Australian Born Chinese that others feel inspired, delighted and seen.

Many of the artworks in this exhibition are for sale.

Visit our Boroondara Arts shop website to purchase an artwork.

Image credit: Vanessa Bong, ‘Huang’, 2022, digital illustration,40 x 40cm, image courtesy of the artist.

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