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‘The Intrigue of Images’ by Donald Bate – online exhibition

‘The Intrigue of Images’ by Donald Bate is a community exhibition featuring high energy, vibrant paintings inspired by the beauty of the Australian landscape and its myriad forms.

Since he first visited the Gardiners Creek bushlands as a child, Bate has always loved wandering and exploring the sparse outback areas of our country. Bate’s artistic practice incorporates personal narrative and visual storytelling inspired by the natural beauty and varying terrain of Australia. A constant fascination and passion for the Australian outback and coastal areas inspires him to capture the vast range of ever-changing colours, flora, and fauna on canvas.

‘The Intrigue of Images’ transports viewers to abstract outback scenes filled with mystery and curiosity. This exhibition invites you into the artist’s own imagination, which has no boundaries in colour, shape, and form.

All the artworks in this exhibition are for sale. Visit our shop to purchase an artwork.

Image credit: Donald Bate, ‘Freedom Flow’, 2017, acrylic on stretched canvas, 203 x 99 cm, image courtesy of the artist.

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