Digital collage of Renaissance imagery, including a marble statue, a hand holding a sand timer and a vase of flowers, all placed on a marble tiled floor.

Contrary to the art of the Renaissance, Surrealism rejects the rational vision of life in favour of the magic and strange beauty in the unexpected. Artist John Ashcroft takes images from the paintings of artists such as Titian, Poussin, Botticelli and Rubens and digitally transforms them into a contemporary context.

Inspired by his admiration of these great artists, Ashcroft reinterprets these masterpieces to acknowledge their enormous contribution to our history of art. Each of the resulting works is an unpredictable alchemy of motifs that reveal the magic of the unexpected and the uncanny.

‘Renaissance Goes Surreal’ by John Ashcroft is on display at Town Hall Gallery from Tuesday 2 March to Saturday 10 April 2021. 

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Banner image credit: John Ashcroft, detail from Untitled, 2020, digital archival inkjet on canvas, 100 x 100cm, image courtesy of the artist.

Exhibition and official opening photography

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