Detail of "Desolate" by Jackie Winkelman. Photograph of grey buildings. Realistic yet surreal, by the absence of life except for a single bird flying by.

This group exhibition highlights the beauty found in natural and man-made environments.

Through the urban photography of Jon Saroglu and Jackie Winkelman, we admire the constructed elements of freeways, shipping containers, historical buildings and the architecture of Boroondara. In contrast, the organic forms of flowers and beautiful riverscapes have been depicted through the paintings of Shani Alexander, Tim Lane and Justine Siedle.

'Natural Constructs' identifies synergies in colour, pattern and form across our built environment and natural surroundings.

Featuring: Shani Alexander, Tim Lane, Jon Saroglu, Justine Siedle and Jackie Winkelman.

‘Natural Constructs’ was on display at Town Hall Gallery from Tuesday 13 April until Saturday 22 May 2021.

Banner image credit: Jackie Winkelman, detail from 'Desolate', 2019, photographic print, 88 x 143.5cm, image courtesy of the artist.

Exhibition photography

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Works by the artists

Jackie Winkelman

Jackie Winkelman is a fine art photographer with a keen interest in contemporary urban and industrial landscapes.

Viewing the world around her through the eye of the graphic artist, she captures scenes and elements that are bold, textural, and colourful - freeways, carparks, shipping containers, concrete, signs, buildings.

Winkelman says ‘I enjoy working with direct bright light to create strong shadows on the one hand but juxtapose that with dark, ominous skies that create intense mood and a sense of mystery. There is a stillness and harshness in the environment of my work but always with a hint of life.’

‘Natural Constructs’ features a series of Winkelman’s urban worlds that appear realistic yet surreal at the same time.

Shani Alexander

As an artist, entrepreneur and workplace chaplain, Shani Alexander is known for her joie de vivre.

In an expressionistic style Alexander paints with a boldness that flaunts her joy of living, grabbing life by both hands in celebration. The essence of her work is its signature explosion of unashamed colour and vibrancy in large pieces to raise people’s spirit, capturing life through her understanding of the human spirit. The healing power of Alexander’s message is that colour can help you rise above the ordinary and provide an uplifting beat to the very heart of your home.

‘I paint beautiful bold voluptuous flowers and en masse they have a power to uplift - I see flowers as metaphors for the stages of a woman’s life, the burdens and joys she carries, the healing power of colour and the sheer joy of a powerful bloom’ says Alexander.

Justine Siedle

Justine Siedle and Tim Lane painted together on the banks of the Yarra River in the Boroondara area to create their works for ‘Natural Constructs’.

Focusing on the central motif of the river, their paintings capture the play of light on the water, the reflections caught with brush strokes and colour, suggesting different seasons and weather.

Working en plein air, Siedle sometime elaborates on the initial findings imaginatively in her studio. She is drawn to signs of life and activity, such as people running along the river or boating. ‘It was a dynamic place to be. The stillness of these pictures was sometimes in contrast with what was happening - as there were many young people doing rowing training or recreational boat sports such as what looked like kayak water polo. Also, there were noisy Kookaburras laughing most afternoons. These pictures have captured the tranquillity the river allows. I did observe many people feeling just that while they were floating by’ describes Siedle.

Tim Lane

In contrast to Justine Siedle, Tim Lane paints entirely en plein air and focuses exclusively on the environment and natural forms.

Returning to the river over the summer holidays in early 2020 and 2021, Lane’s works captured a different atmosphere each time. The works created in 2020 have a hazy and slightly more subdued palette, as the environment was affected by the bushfires over the 2019 to 2020 summer.

Jon Saroglu

Jon Saroglu uses his photography of architecture to capture moments in time, and to tell stories of places, artistically exploring visual depth and detail of craftsmanship, sculpture and ornamental design.

‘As a Visual Artist I am inspired by the workmanship and craftsmanship of ornaments on significant or insignificant historical buildings’ says Saroglu.

For ‘Natural Constructs’ he presents a series of striking black and white photographs that capture ornamental details on historical buildings in Boroondara.

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