Digital artwork of front on view of woman wearing black jacket, helmet and goggles riding a motorbike. The background is red with a few scattered clouds.

Harking back to the style and character of the 1920s and 1930s, 'Let’s Go!' brings together a collection of recent works by artist John Romeo, which are saturated with colour and suffused with nostalgia.

This series uses mixed media photography with digital printing and 3D modelling, lending the works a graphic quality reminiscent of the hand-coloured advertising and poster-art of the era.

Step out of the modern world and bask in the romance of travel and the spirit of freedom encapsulated by this period.

‘Let’s Go!’ by John Romeo was the first Community Exhibition for 2021 on display at Town Hall Gallery from Tuesday 19 January to Saturday 27 February 2021.

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Banner image credit: Giovanni (John) Romeo, detail from Globe Trotter, 2019, mixed media photography, paint, computer graphics, 100 x 100cm, image courtesy of the artist.

Exhibition and official opening photography

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