For the First Peoples of Australia, and for those more recently arrived, our relationship with the Australian landscape is defined by a deep sense of cultural belonging coupled with a history of conflict and displacement. For both Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists, to interrogate their place within the Australian landscape remains a complex undertaking. To authentically locate oneself within the land, to say ‘Here I Am’ is to take on the layered history of the landscape in a country continuing to be impacted by cultural and environmental change.

Expanding on traditions of landscape photography, the artists in You Are Here have each centred their connection and disconnection to the land. Through photography and film, they have reinserted themselves into the landscape, exploring ideas of home and identity within the environment informed by cultural, personal and historical narratives.

Featuring: Duha Ali and Justine Youssef, Ophelia Bakowski, Miriam Charlie, Nici Cumpston, Tammy Law, Bhenji Ra as part of Club Ate with Justin Shoulder in collaboration with Tristan Jalleh, James Tylor and Anne Zahalka

Works by the artists

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