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‘Creepy Crawlies’ and ‘Coffee Zombie’ are currently installed at Town Hall Gallery. These two concurrent exhibitions employ humour and the bizarre to reveal the comedic in our everyday.

‘Creepy Crawlies’ showcases paintings by well-established local artist Ian Napier, who studied under John Brack and Jenny Watson and who counts the likes of Rick Amor and Andrew Southall as his contemporaries. Napier has a whimsical sense of humour, with many of his paintings commenting on the ridiculous and ephemeral nature of human life. The title ‘Creepy Crawlies’ comes from the work ‘Faces Amongst the Creepy Crawlies’, with many works in the exhibition containing faces. Napier is inspired by life, love, strife and peace.

‘Coffee Zombie’ by Suhasini Seelin is a series of short films about a character who can’t function without their morning coffee. As both actor and producer of the films, Seelin playfully examines the challenges we face in our daily routines. Using silent physical comedy, the main character stumbles through a series of situations that reflect the ‘zombie’ state of mind, pre and post coffee: missing things right in front of them, trying to make a phone call with an unplugged landline phone, holding a book upside down. This series began as an experiment during an artist in residence program in 2018, at Melbourne’s Boyd Community Hub in Southbank, through a City of Melbourne grant. Inspired by the history of the room, which originally was a school where girls learnt typing on an old typewriter, Seelin and her collaborator Wilari Tedjosiswoyo wanted to film some mundane actions reflecting their state of mind.

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All photography by Christian Capurro.

Banner image credit: Installation view ‘Creepy Crawlies’ and ‘Coffee Zombie’, Town Hall Gallery, November 2020.

Coffee Zombie

View a curated selection of ‘Coffee Zombie’ episodes below. 

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