Make your own paint-rollers to make some fun and arty festive bunting.

Upcycle tin cans and apply paddle-pop sticks, string, recycled food packaging and other items around the homes to create your own paint-rollers. Roll them in to paint and apply to coloured paper to make some beautiful patterns. Once dry, cut them in to triangles and string them together. Hang them in your favourite tree to add some colour!

Don’t forget to upload photos of your work to Facebook and Instagram, using the hashtag #BoroondaraArtsWithYou


  • tin can/s
  • wool
  • doilies
  • netting
  • meat tray foam shapes
  • paddle pop sticks
  • craft glue 
  • sticky tape
  • scissors
  • paper (the bigger the better)
  • flat tray (baking tray, paint tray, meat tray)
  • paint (poster or acrylic)
  • bunting flag template
  • string and permanent markers


  1. To create your DIY paint rollers, take a tin can and attach objects to it. Experiment using wool, doilies, netting, meat try foam shapes, paddle pop sticks, and anything else you can find.
  2. Prepare your paper on a flat surface.
  3. In a flat tray (ensure it’s the width of your tin can), squeeze your paint into it, and roll the tin can roller into it.
  4. Slowly roll the paint onto your paper to create some stunning textures. Experience by using different papers and paint colours.
  5. Let dry and use the bunting flag template to fold and cut your small flags.
  6. Cut a long piece of string and attach your flags by stapling flags on to string leaving a short even gap between each flag.
  7. Once completed, string up in a tree, your home or classroom

You could add words or drawings of your hopes or dreams for Boroondara’s trees to share with your friends, families or neighbours.

Please note: it is best to use a non-water-based glue such as a glue gun for a washable reusable paint roller.

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