Boroondara creative community

Boroondara Arts supports community participation in cultural and artistic programs, where people of all ages and backgrounds can interact, learn and be active.

Boroondara Creative Network advocates and supports the local creative community by offering a way for people to connect, share their ideas and achievements, and find out about opportunities to grow as a creative group of people.

Boroondara Arts coordinates network meetings, funding opportunities and prizes to help the cultivation of arts in Boroondara.

Boroondara Arts Initiative

Boroondara Arts Initiative has commissioned theatre maker David Williams to create A Cultured Place, a new participatory performance work to be created with members of the Boroondara community.

A Cultured Place will put 18 Boroondara residents from different ages, professions and social backgrounds on stage at the Kew Courthouse with theatre maker David Williams. These 18 community representatives will respond to a series of questions and provocations about what culture might mean to them in Boroondara right now.

What is culture here in this place now? Who decides what it is? Who decides on its value? Who decides who can be a part of it? How might culture be shared? What effect does culture have on our daily lives?

A Cultured Place will reflect the Boroondara community’s uniqueness and begin to open a new conversation about the place of art and culture in rethinking daily life. Part talk show, part confessional and part celebration, A Cultured Place will be a truly unique theatre experience.

Performances of A Cultured Place will take place at the Kew Courthouse on 7 and 8 December 2019.

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