Free environmentally responsible e-waste recycling service

Heavy metals and toxic compounds used in electronic equipment can cause environmental health issues when the equipment is dumped in landfill.

To help you dispose of your unwanted televisions and computer equipment responsibly, Boroondara has partnered with TechCollect to recycle e-waste as part of the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme. There is no charge for this service.

Where do I take my e-waste?

If your items can be recycled by TechCollect you can drop them off, free of charge, at Boroondara's Recycling and Waste Centre. Other items can be recycled for a small fee.

  • Opening hours

What can be recycled through the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme?

  • televisions
  • personal computers
  • laptops, notebooks, palmtops and tablets
  • computer monitors
  • computer parts: hard drives, motherboards, cables, internal power supplies, DVD and CD drives
  • computer peripherals: mice, keyboards, joysticks, game-pads, scanners, web cameras
  • printers and scanners

Remember to remove your personal information from your computer before recycling

What electronic equipment is not covered by the free scheme?

  • game consoles
  • video and DVD players
  • radios/stereos
  • power tools
  • kitchen and household appliances
  • whitegoods
  • universal power supplies

These items can be recycled through Boroondara's Riversdale Transfer Station for a small fee. Information about fees can be found on the Recycling and Waste Centre page.

Unwanted mobile phones can be dropped off for recycling at mobile phone retail outlets or at Boroondara's customer service desks in Camberwell and Hawthorn.

Further information about TechCollect and the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme.