Street sweeper

To assist residents keep our City clean, residential streets are swept on a four-weekly cycle throughout Boroondara. A calendar is now available for your street with the new dates the sweepers will be servicing the area.

When will my street be swept?

Step one: find your area number

To find out your area's dates, check the street sweeping map (PDF, 2.9 MB) of Boroondara to find out what number your area is.

Step two: download your area's schedule

For 2017 dates, download your area number schedule from below to find out what dates your street will be swept during the year.

Heavy leaf-fall sweeping program

The dates for the heavy leaf fall program will be available in late March 2017.

Help Council keep your street clean by:

  • keeping your vehicles off the street on the designated sweeping day
  • asking people who leave their vehicles parked in the street to participate in the program
  • bagging up leaves that the street sweeper cannot reach under and near parked vehicles
  • not raking or blowing grass clippings or leaves onto the road after the sweeper has passed your property
  • making sure leaves are free of sticks, branches and rocks, as they will damage the machinery.

Note: Leaves from your front yard are not for collection by the street sweeper.

Excess leaves on the nature strip and footpath can be mulched using a lawn mower and placed in compost - visit our Environment pages for composting tips and hints.