What’s happening?

From February 2017, residents will be able to recycle additional plastic material as part of their weekly recycling collection. In February, residents will receive more information about the program, including clearly marked plastic bags to get you going.

What is this program all about?

The “flexible plastics” program allows households to put plastic bags and other flexible plastic – such as bread packaging, rice and cereal packaging, and cling wrap – into the recycling bin inside a plastic bag tied at the top, and then dispose of this material in their recycling bin.

How do I dispose of flexible plastics

How to recycle flexible plastic

What are flexible plastics?

Flexible (or soft) plastic is used in many forms of packaging, from checkout bags to packaging of bread, rice, frozen products, various goods such as appliances and computers, and potting mix bags.

What will happen to the flexible plastics that are collected?

All of our recycling goes to SKM Recycling, Australia’s largest recycling sorting facility. There material is sorted using shakers, screens, magnets and optical sorting technology.

The flexible plastics are sorted, compacted, baled and sent to a plastic recycler either locally or overseas.

What is considered flexible plastics?

Flexible or soft plastic packaging from groceries such as bread, rice, pasta, toilet paper and frozen foods.

bread bag
Bubble wrap bubble wrap
Postal bags and document sleeves postal bag
Zip lock bags ziplock bag
Clean cling wrap, freezer bags and plastic wrap from appliances cling wrap
Plastic cereal or biscuit wraps from inside cereal or biscuit boxes biscuit tray
Plastic bags from department stores and supermarkets supermarket bag

What cannot be recycled as part of the flexible plastics program?

Not all flexible packaging is recyclable in Council’s recycling service. You cannot recycle silver or foil lined packaging including chip, chocolate bar or ice cream wrappers, such as the images shown below. Plastic bags labelled as degradable or compostable are not recyclable.


Do’s and don’ts

With the introduction of recycling for plastic bags and other flexible plastic packaging, it is important to get it right.


  • Put all of the bags and flexible plastic packaging into a plastic bag (either the one provided by Council or any supermarket checkout bag).
  • Ensure that nothing else goes in with the bags (all flexible plastic bags must be empty, but stickers and printing is ok).
  • Talk to your neighbours and family about how to recycle flexible plastics - spread the word!.


  • Leave any food, dirt or other residue in the flexible plastics to be recycled.
  • Put bottles or paper or other recyclables in a bag (this prevents it being sorted).
  • Put your bag of flexible plastics in the bin until the bag is full.