The draft Council Plan 2017-21 outlines the vision and strategic objectives for the Council elected in October 2016. It includes our proposed Strategic Resource Plan 2017-21, which details the financial and human resources required to deliver the Council Plan’s objectives.

The Council Plan 2017-21 will be significantly reviewed in the coming year, following the release of our 10-year Boroondara Community Plan, which will be developed following extensive input from the community.

The draft Council Plan 2017-21, along with the proposed Rating Strategy 2017-21 and Budget 2017-18 (including proposed Mayoral and Councillor allowances), is open to public comment . Submissions are invited from 27 April, to 5pm on 25 May 2017, and will be heard at the Council meeting on Tuesday 13 June 2017. After consideration of submissions, these documents will be presented for adoption by Council on Monday 26 June 2017.