Set of standard drawings


Standard drawing index


Drawing number Title
SD 997
Stormwater soakage pit
SD 999
Onsite detection control pit details
SD 1001
Step irons
SD 1002 Junction pit cover
SD 1003
Side entry pit cover
SD 1004
Bike safe grates for grated side entry pit and grated pits
SD 1005
SD 1006 Junction pit (concrete cover)
SD 1007
Junction pit (cast iron cover)
SD 1009
Side entry pit cover
SD 1011
Grated side entry pit drain behind kerb
SD 1012
Grated side entry pit drain under kerb and channel
SD 1013
Channel pit grate
SD 1014
Grated pit
SD 1016
Surround for grated junction pit in paved row
SD 1017
Spoon drain grated pit
SD 1018
Standard property inlet pit
SD 1019
Standard outlet race to suit 225mm diameter pipe
SD 1020
Subsoil drain - behind kerb
SD 1021
Subsoil drainage pits
SD 1024
A.G. drain under road pavement, kerb, channel
SD 1025
Subsoil drains in ovals and reserves
SD 1026
Installation conditions for reinforced concrete, FRC and PVC sewer quality pipes A, B & C
SD 1027
Unhaunched pits
SD 1028
Haunched pits
SD 1029
House drain connection to kerb and channel
SD 1030
House drain connection to underground drain


Drawing number Title
SD 3001
Concrete kerbs
SD 3002
Bluestone kerb and channel details
SD 3003
Footpath pram crossing
SD 4001
Local roads pavement details
SD 4002
Right of way pavement details
SD 4003
Footpath composition details
SD 4004
Right of way road humps
SD 4005
Asphalt flat top road hump
SD 4006
Typical section - residential street 15m road reserve
SD 6001
Vehicular crossing with setback from building line
SD 6002
Concrete vehicle crossing - Type A - for local streets (existing conditions)
SD 6003
Vehicle crossing details
SD 6004
Concrete vehicle crossing play type for street reconstruction and new subdivisions
SD 6005
Asphalt vehicle crossing splay type for street reconstruction


FE 01
Timber bollard
FE 03
Fence - timber post and rail
FE 04
Fence - timber post and mesh
FR 01
Seat - metal
FR 02
Seat - metal with armrests
FR 03
Bin surround - rubbish
FR 04
Bin surround - recycle
FR 05
Bike leaning rail
FR 06
Seat - heritage style
FR 07
Seat - garden
FR 08
Picnic table - heritage style
FR 09
Picnic table - heritage style (streets)
SD 7013
Timber bollard for street scape locations