Building Permit Forms

Building Permit Application (DOC, 73 kB)

Building Permit Checklist (DOC, 165 kB)

Building Permit Variation Application Form (DOC, 49 kB)

Building Permit Extension of Time Application Form (DOC, 46 kB)

Application for POPE (DOC, 138 kb)

Occupancy Permit Application Form (DOC, 49 kB)

Copy of Plans

Application for Building Files or Copies of Plans (DOC, 44 kB)

Credit card payment form

Credit Card Payment Form (DOC, 880 kB)

Demolition (29a) Form

Application for Report and Consent on Proposed Demolition (PDF, 99 kB)

Hoardings Form (Reg 604)

Application to Erect Hoardings (DOC, 43 kB)

Pool Safety Audit Form

Application for Pool or Spa Safety Barrier Inspection (DOC, 85 kB)

Property Information Application Forms

Application for Property Information - Building Surveyors (DOC, 36 kB)

Application for Property Information - Solicitors (DOC, 42 kB)

Protection Works Notice Forms (building surveyors only)

Application for Ownership Details for Protection Works (DOC, 43 kB)

Report & Consent (Dispensation) Forms

Minister's Guidelines (PDF, 1MB)

Report and Consent Adjoining Owner Comment Form - Reg 408-415 (DOC, 60 kB)

Report and Consent Adjoining Owner Comment Form - Reg 416-420 (DOC, 56 kB)

Report and Consent Adjoining Owner Comment Form - Reg 424-426 (DOC, 58 kB)

Report and Consent Brochure (PDF, 5.80MB)

Report and Consent Non Siting Application (DOC, 7.2 MB)

Report and Consent Siting Application (DOC, 7MB)

Siting Requirements in the City of Boroondara (PDF, 32 kB)

Variation to Report and Consent Siting Regulations (DOC, 7.2 MB)