Gold Dust Wattle (Acacia acinacea)

Council engaged Built Heritage Pty Ltd heritage consultants to prepare a study of the history and development of the municipality of Boroondara. The Thematic Environment History identifies how key patterns of development have influenced the culture of the area and the natural and built environment.

The Thematic Environment History is not a social history and is not intended to provide an exhaustive account of all historic people or events. Instead the Thematic Environment History provides the context for future heritage studies and assessments and was a key input to the preparation of a Heritage Action Plan.

The Thematic Environment History focuses on the development of the municipality since European settlement. Information about the City of Boroondara's Aboriginal heritage is documented in the Indigenous Heritage Study completed in 2002.

The Thematic Environment History is used to assist in the planning of, and research for, heritage studies undertaken by Boroondara City Council.

Current status

Adoption of the Thematic Environment History

On 12 December 2011, Council adopted the Thematic Environment History. Access a copy of the UPSC report. Minor updates were made to the adopted study under delegation in May 2012.

You can access a copy of the final adopted Thematic Environmental History below.