Paint tins (dry)


Paper (newspapers, magazines, office paper)

Paper towels (must be mostly clean and mostly dry to recycle)

Pharmaceutical machines (e.g. blood pressure monitors)

Pharmaceuticals (old)

  • Dispose of them safely by returning to your local pharmacy via the Return Unwanted Medicines (RUM) scheme
  • Note: do not flush down the toilet or put in your waste bin

Phone books (remove covers and add separately)


Photograph negatives

Photographic slides (with cardboard edges)

Pizza boxes (tops - clean)

Pizza boxes (bases - oily)

  • Recycle by tearing into small pieces and add to your compost bin
  • Dispose of in your household waste bin (green bin/green lid, weekly collection)

Plant pots (plastic)


Plastic bags

Plastic bottles (wash and squash)

Plastic containers

Plastic wrappers and soft packaging

Polystyrene/styrofoam (white, solid only)

  • Avoid waste by avoiding excessively packaged products (e.g. refuse polystyrene hot drink cups and food and take-away packaging and take your own reusable cup and containers)
  • Recycle at the Boroondara Recycling and Waste Centre (residents only)

Pots and pans (metal)

Power boards

Printer cartridges