Massage chairs

Massage mats/pads (electric)


Meat scraps

Meat trays (plastic, washed)

  • Recycle in your recycling bin (blue bin/yellow lid, collected weekly)
  • Note: do not put polystyrene trays in your recycling bin

Medicines (old)

  • Dispose of them safely by returning to your local pharmacy via the Return Unwanted Medicines (RUM) scheme
  • Note: do not flush down the toilet or put in your waste bin

Medicine bottle (glass or plastic, empty)

Mobile phones

Mobile phone charges


Musical instruments

Musical instruments (electrical)

Motor oil (max. 20L in 5L cans)

Motor oil container (empty)

Napkins (paper)

  • Avoid waste by using reusable cloth napkins
  • Recycle by tearing into small pieces and adding to your compost bin
  • Dispose of in your household waste bin (green bin/green lid, weekly collection)

Nappies (disposable, wrapped)

  • Avoid waste by using cloth or reusable nappies
  • Dispose of in your household waste bin (green bin/green lid, weekly collection)