Coronavirus update 13 March 2020

Council has closed some facilities and cancelled all events until 14 April. Learn which services have been affected.

Please leave your green waste bin out until 5pm on your collection day so we can change your bin lid in preparation for FOGO. More details.

Our website will not be available between 9pm and 11pm Monday 30 March while we make a system upgrade. More details on this outage.

Ice cream containers/lids (plastic)

Inverters (power inverter)

Irons (clothes irons)

Jar lids (metal or plastic)

Jars (glass or plastic)

Juice cartons (tetrapak, foil-lined)

Kitty litter



Lawn mowers

Leaf blowers

Leaves/grass clippings

Light bulbs/tubes

Lolly wrappers (plastic)

Lolly wrappers (plastic with foil)

Lunch boxes (plastic)