Ice block sticks (wooden)

  • Recycle in your FOGO bin (lime green lid)

Ice cream containers/lids (plastic)

Ice cream containers/ lids (waxed cardboard with plastic lining)

Inverters (power inverter)

Irons (clothes irons)

Jar lids (metal or plastic)

Jars (glass or plastic, leave lids on)

Jex pads/steel wool

Juice cartons (tetrapak, foil-lined)

Kitty litter

Note: this cannot go in your FOGO bin as it contains synthetic materials.



Lawn clippings

Lawn mowers

Leaf blowers


Leftover food

  • Recycle in your FOGO bin (lime green lid)

Light bulbs/tubes

Lollies (no wrappers)

  • Recycle in your FOGO bin (lime green lid)

Lolly wrappers (plastic or plastic with foil)

Long-life milk or juice cartons (tetrapak, foil-lined)

Lunch boxes (plastic)