volunteering 01

Volunteers give their skills, life experience, time and expertise to the community and as a result, provide the opportunity for extended services and an enhanced quality of community life, by their active participation in it.

Some of the reasons people volunteer include:

  • meeting new people
  • gaining experience
  • staying active and involved
  • trying something new
  • learning new skills
  • putting back into the community
  • having fun
  • retaining skills
  • supporting a cause.

Work available

Volunteering covers a wide range of opportunities including:

  • administrative work
  • friendly visiting
  • adult literacy tutoring
  • gardening / environmental work
  • assisting people with a disability
  • home and hospital visits
  • assisting with therapy programs
  • Meals on Wheels and Books on Wheels
  • childcare, youth work
  • opportunity-shop work
  • working as a member of a board or committee
  • community transport.

Volunteering and unemployment

Volunteering also offers a range of opportunities for people who are unemployed to maintain existing skills and to develop new ones. The benefits can include:

  • increased self-esteem and self-confidence
  • providing an opportunity to participate in new activities
  • developing new contacts – networking
  • exposure to job opportunities as they arise
  • an opportunity to help others in need
  • obtaining references to help with finding a job
  • working in the area to suit your interests and skills
  • the opportunity to gain valuable experience.