Keeping children active, happy and healthy is our aim.

When your child is at school, your primary source of information will be your school community, but there are areas where Council can assist too, such as immunisation.

Find a school 

Visit the Schools Online website to view a comprehensive listing of Victorian government and non-government schools – including information about each.

Outside School Hours Programs (Before and After School)

Outside school hours care operates before and after school and/or during school holidays. This service works well for parents with school age children, who need care outside of school hours. You can find approved education and care services by visiting the Starting Blocks website.

Health issues


An immunisation service is provided by Council including:

  • standard immunisations for children aged from two months to four years
  • school aged immunisation for students in years 7 and 10
  • adult immunisation for those people who need a booster
  • preparation of School Entry Immunisation Certificates for children who have had their immunisation performed overseas
  • immunisation birth kit
  • a range of optional vaccines (not funded) for both adults and children
  • fact sheets providing information about all vaccines offered by Council.

For a kit or more information, visit Health and wellbeing pages on this website, email Health Services, or phone 9278 4711.

Head lice

While children are at school, many families will have contact with head lice – there is help available – visit Victorian Government health information.

Kew Traffic School

Get detailed information about visiting the Kew Traffic School either with your school, or for a private party.

Tertiary institutions in Boroondara

Swinburne University of Technology
PO Box 218, Hawthorn VIC 3122
(Burwood Road, Hawthorn - Melway 45 D-E10)
Phone: 9214 8000
Fax: 9819 5454

Swinburne University of Technology TAFE Division
PO Box 218, Hawthorn VIC 3122
(Wakefield Avenue, Hawthorn - Melway 45 E10)
Phone: 9214 8000

The University of Melbourne Hawthorn Campus
442 Auburn Road, Hawthorn (Melway 59 E2)
Phone: 9810 3322
Fax: 9810 3315