Little baby

Book a baby capsule when you are four or five months pregnant to ensure one is available when your baby is born.

Council's contractor for baby capsule hire is Maxam Consulting.

Fees are:

  • six months hire costs $80, plus a $30 refundable bond
  • short term hire (up to four weeks) is $40.00 plus a $55 bond, totalling $95.00.

For further information, email Maxam Consulting or phone 1300 885 645.

Using the baby capsule or child restraint

Some children are put in adult seatbelts too early when a forward-facing child restraint would be safer. This puts the child at greater risk of injury, particularly head injury, in an accident.

Children must be properly restrained in a car by a correctly-fitted restraint suitable for their size and weight. You can find more information on restraint types and ages on our Child restraints page. If you're not sure which restraint is appropriate for your child, try the RACV Child Restraint Calculator.

What to do with old child restraints

While re-using goods is important for our environment, sometimes it mightn't always be the best option. In the case of child restraints, it can be unsafe.

If you have been offered the use of a secondhand child restraint, or if you are thinking of offering your now unused child restraint to friends, think again before taking this step.

Safe child restraints

We no longer offer free child restraint fitting days. However, we will continue to raise awareness of safe use of child restraints through other means.