Su-Mi is a mother of 3 and a Pastor at the Rhema Chinese Christian Church of Melbourne. She is in charge of the children’s church, youth and family ministry. Su-Mi witnessed first-hand how the COVID-19 pandemic made the everyday challenges people go through even harder.

Su-Mi Hsu

“During the transient periods of lockdowns, outbreaks and rising cases, I lead the brothers and sisters in our church to share the difficulties they face in their families every fortnight over Zoom,” she said.

“These online sessions provided everyone with support, friendly faces and empathetic ears for our individual struggles, and our community became closer than ever.”

Su-Mi’s support extended beyond parents, young adults and youth. She supported children by creating opportunities for them to socialise and have fun in new ways online. For example, celebrating birthdays and hosting Zoom toy parties with members of the church.

Su-Mi also organised small prayer groups to new immigrants who joined the church, the majority of whom lived in isolation, to “…give a more focused set of helping hands to be strong pillars to those we were unable to see at church.”

She said her church remained resilient and persistent during the darker times of COVID-19 by giving thanks. 

“Looking on the bright side, I appreciate how our community has grown closer together during the past 2 years. I believe gratefulness will bring joy to people, and joy gives us the strength to overcome the fear, which the virus has caused,” Su-Mi said.

Su-Mi encourages all women to have full confidence in themselves. When asked what International Women’s Day means to her, she said it is a day of celebration and great honour. 

“I am grateful to God I was born a woman – it’s a blessing like no other. I am a mother who is proud of her children, and a wife who is deeply loved by her husband. They are my pride and joy and are the greatest source of happiness in my life.”

“To me, International Women’s Day is not to ‘redefine’ the role or value of women, but to ‘restore’ and ‘respect’ the function that God has given to our role and value,” she said.

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