Alana is an emerging leader hailing from our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples who has lived in inner eastern Melbourne for over 17 years. Alana is a Wayapa Trainer and facilitator, delivering certified Wayapa Wuurrk Practitioner Training, focusing on system re-setting by aligning systems of knowing, being and doing (head, heart and hands) from a place of abundance, gratitude, joy and health.

Alana Marsh

Alana has a pledge to herself, her partner and her sons to realise the potential of her lineage. Following 2 strokes almost a decade ago, Alana says she thrives by being of service to living systems.

“Wayapa Wuurrk, a species-centred wellness modality that elevates our reciprocity with Country as the fundamental enabler of individual and collective mind, body, spirit resilience and vitality, is a joyous and profound medium for my life canvas. Regenerative resourcing rounds out my offering to the world,” Alana shares.

“The importance of systems and how to move energy amongst them and through them respectfully, abundantly and joyfully allows us to be informed and nourished with biorhythmic potential – the natural ebb and flow of life,” she said.

Through her work, Alana encourages other women to become even more intimate with the natural cycles within and around them.
When asked what International Women’s Day means to her, Alana feels, “There is still more work to do whenever we need to elevate the things crucial to life.” 

“I hope that one day we don't need International Women’s Day any longer, or Earth Day or any of the nominated days that all aim to bring balance and wholeness back to modernity.”

“We do this by tapping into the biorhythms all around us – nested observers, not external observers! It's wonderful to be part of life's biorhythmic potential – it's within you as well.”

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