Kieran (he/him) has worked as a social worker for 20 years, mainly in health and aged care. He enjoys living in Boroondara for the wonderful restaurants and cafes.

My name is Kieran and I live in Hawthorn with my husband Tim and our cat-boy Bruno. I have lived in Hawthorn since 1998. I am a gay man. 

I am 49, and I came out at 20 on a late Saturday night in October 1991. I had done a load of washing because if my parents chose to not love me or support me, at least I had clean underwear!

Back then, it was really hard to be gay. It was right around the years of AIDS and HIV and there was an incredible amount of stigma and homophobia with the very idea of being gay. Or being different. 

I attended a private Catholic boy’s school in the southeast of Melbourne and like many of my LGBTIQ+ peers, high school was a horrific experience - daily abuse, shoving and threats were part of my life. 

Kieran McGregor

However, I am incredibly lucky. When I came out, my parents rallied and my late mum, Nan, eventually became the president of P-FLAG, which provides much needed support to many parents across Australia. She became a founding member of the underage LGBTIQ+ disco Minus-18. Make no mistake, that love and support for me but also for so many young people, saved lives.

So, I want to say this to the young LGBTIQ+ people of Boroondara - it does get better. There is support, there is hope and there is love. 

There has been a lot of change since I came out! Drag queens on TV and trans actors on TV! But we must not be complacent. We must remain vigilant to hate. Every day LGBTIQ+ people are under attack because of who they are. IDAHOBIT is a chance for our community to stand up and say, we see you. We support you. It is a chance to say we do not tolerate hate and homophobia.

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